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Bella Fleur, a florist store in Dubai, selling beautiful blossoms online and offline. Our company will help you to choose flowers for the neighbors, relatives, friends and significant ones. Opened with just one thing in mind, making the best blooming gifts, our online shop steadily improves the craft. Check out the online flowers delivery catalog to see how far Bella Fleur has come! Monthly updates of the assortment, a convenient to-use online bouquet catalogue and the elaborate «About Us» page are waiting for you there!

It is important to consult with a florist before sending the flowers. Even if Dubai slowly becomes a multi-cultural and multi-religion international city, people are still following centuries-long holiday traditions. And the thing tying them together is bouquets, blooming boxes, and other plants. When creating blossoming gifts our employees aims to make modern looking yet fitting arrangements. Online store as well as offline ones have a selection of fresh plants for the occasions like weddings, dates, or birthdays.

When people celebrate Ramadan, Eid or Christmas, it is more about the way you arrange different plants together and not the meaning of each single bloom. It is hard to come up with a fresh yet coherent flower arrangement yourself. You can ask the professionals working with us for an advice or help in making a custom flower present. Our goal is to provide all the customers with personal yet artistically complex blooming presents in Dubai.

We are buying the materials for wholesale prices from the best suppliers in UAE. That means our customers can buy flowers online much cheaper than most of the competitors. To preserve the beauty of the flowers in our store for longer, we are monitoring the temperature and humidity constantly. Order flowers online to get them in the best condition.

Our online shop deeply care about the flowers being fresh when a customer receives them. But it does not hurt the delivery time in any shape or form. You will receive the order on time, and it does not matter if it was placed 3 weeks ago or 3 hours ago. The latter is indeed possible but still depends on the complexity of the desired flower box. If you are buying a pre-made one from the nearest flowershop then same-day delivery is guaranteed!

It is easy to keep fresh flowers while they are waiting for customers in the regulated environment of the Bella Fleur florist shop. But it would be pretty bald for us to expect regular people have the equipment to do it themselves. We are using special florist sponges which can keep the stem moist for 12 hours!

Learning the meaning of each flower is the best way to make any of your gifts stand out. The right blossom alongside the gift is able to change the emotional tone of the present completely! That is why the smartest move you can make while buying flowers to any important occasion it to get an advice from a florist. People working at Bella Fleur are friendly, knowledgeable and skilful, just ask for the help!

The importance of choosing the right blossom should not be underestimated. Let us look at the most popular holidays and flowers matching the tone perfectly:

  • white lilacs for the wedding;
  • red roses for the wife’s birthday;
  • orchids for the husband’s birthday;
  • tulips for the birthday of any parent;
  • paperwhites for Christmas;
  • lotuses for Ramadan or Eid;
  • white roses for the wedding anniversary.

Our company has all the resources to make a perfect gift, and its importance cannot be underestimated. While working on the bouquets our florists always remember why people give flowers to each other:

  • To make the place more comfortable.
  • To show the love and care.
  • To buy a quick gift.
  • To make a significant one feels special.
  • To make alleviate the stress.

Do not limit yourself to a boring bouquet of flowers, as Bella Fleur our shop offers many other variants of blossoming presents. They are boxes, baskets, infinity flowers, and cakes! Do not be scared by the latter, as it is just a flower-decorated case to place a slice of cake inside. Infinity flower is a preserved blossom in the plant-themed box to exhibit it on a shelf.

Bella Fleur’s online catalog has various categories to help our visitors buy the flower gift matching the occasion perfectly. Anything from Father’s Day present to Valentine’s Day cakes is in full availability every day for the lowest prices in Dubai. Top 5 Bella Fleur products 2022:

  • Yellow Single Infinity Rose;
  • Pastel Bella Box;
  • Amore Bouquet;
  • Fruity Blossoms Delights Cake Box;
  • Sakura Lakewood Birdcage;
  • Agnes Bella Box.

Most of the products have 3 sizes to choose from, small to large. The cheap prices listed above are for the Bella Fleur small sizes. By ordering flower delivery from the website directly, you can receive a free candle package.

Which flowers do you have in the online store in Dubai?

Bella Fleur have 21 luxury blossoms on the offer. It includes but not limited to roses, hydrangeas and tulips.

Is there a flower shop near me?

Customers can use a navigation application or contact Bella Fleur directly to learn about the flower stores locations.

How do you deliver flowers?

bellafleur.ae flower delivery Dubai use special trucks to ship the bouquets in the best condition possible.

Will the flowers be delivered the same day?

If you are ordering a cute bouquet, you can get it in a couple of hours from a flower shop nearby.

Do you have a limit on store hours for ordering the flowers in Dubai?

Bella Fleur is working from 10 AM to 9 PM. Send an email to get a priority during opening hours. This option is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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