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Valentine's Day Bella Box Collection - Dubai's Premium Floral Gifts

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Welcome to our Valentine’s Day Bella Box collection at Bella Fleur, Dubai’s destination for premium floral gifts. Our collection is thoughtfully curated to celebrate love and affection with elegance and style.
Dive into the world of romance with our stunning ‘Red Rose Bunch’, consisting of 10 fragrant roses in a sophisticated box, symbolizing deep passion. The ‘Shani Bella Box’, with its minimalistic composition of 15 rosebuds, stands out for its uniqueness and freshness, making it an ideal gift for any occasion.
For those who seek a grand gesture, our ‘Venus Bella Box’ and ‘Vida’ offer an abundance of red roses, the quintessential symbol of love. The ‘Mena’ and ‘Dua’ arrangements elevate this with the addition of orchids and eucalyptus, blending passion with elegance.
Our collection also includes special combinations like ‘Mena Love’, ‘Vida Love’, and ‘Lovelle Love’, which pair our exquisite roses with delicious mini cakes, perfect for a sweet surprise. The ‘Lovette’ and ‘Milan’ arrangements offer a more subtle yet equally captivating choice with hydrangeas and gypso.
Each Bella Box in our collection is a testament to our commitment to quality and beauty. This Valentine’s Day, choose from our Bella Box collection for an unforgettable flower and cake delivery experience in Dubai.