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Best flowers for Christmas

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One of the best ways to complement everyone’s favorite holiday, Christmas, is to buy some flowers. A single bouquet for Christmas or a complex blooming arrangement can bring the spirit of winter to Dubai. The assortment of the Bella Fleur florist store will provide our clients with fresh plants to celebrate this holiday!

With all the hustle of buying food and gifts for relatives, it is almost impossible to have time to pick up the right flowers. Just ask our employees in person or online, and a Christmas flower bouquet will be at the doorstep in a couple of hours.

Bouquet for Christmas

Choosing the right plants to decorate the apartment is what truly creates a holiday atmosphere. Evergreen trees, paperwhites, and rosemary were used by the florist working under the Bella Fleur brand to make the arrangements fitting the Christmas theme.

During these times people are coming together, to sum up the year past, meet their relatives and receive and give presents. Coming up with fresh gift ideas is a very daunting task that can be easily circumvented with flower gifts. Bella Fleur shop has categories for the self-contained gifts called «Cakes» and «Infinite Roses». An elegant blooming present will always look intriguing and fresh.

Why buy flowers for Christmas in Bella Fleur?

From the business perspective, the End of Year holidays puts the most pressure on logistics. That is why Bella Fleur managers streamlined all the internal processes to handle it the best way possible. It means the following:

  • same day delivery services are working without downtime;
  • despite all the motion products are still fresh and fragrant;
  • customers can place orders for custom Christmas flowers arrangements during the holidays.

Various promotions are the reason why ordering from Bella Fleur is the right choice from a financial standpoint. For example, now, any customer will receive a candle fitting the chosen flower bouquet for Christmas.



  • Can I order a custom bouquet of flowers near me?

    Call a store at your vicinity to learn if the florist there can fulfill the order of making a flower bouquet for love occasions.

  • Will the delivery be the same day?

    Bella Fleur offers such services to customers living in Dubai.

  • Where can you make delivery?

    If a customer is in Dubai, Bella Fleur will deliver flowers for him or for her.