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Blooming Bella Box in Dubai

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Blooming box with delivery online

A birthday complement, a great opening to a date, a cute decoration- these all can be solved with blooming box Dubai delivery. Dozens of colors, materials, and flowers help us create a unique combination for each customer. For the bloom box Dubai, it is always true that all the plants are fresh and fragrant.

The best flower boxes and baskets in the Arab Emirates

The quality of the blooming boxes from Bella Fleur is a result of the proficiency of our employees. The freshness of the products is the main concern in the everyday work, so right temperature and humidity maintained.

To put roses in a box, first, they have to be bought from a wholesale supplier. To pick the one, the only thing we are interested in is the quality of their products. Bella Fleur has suppliers both abroad and in the Arab Emirates. It helps us to make the exact flower bouquets composition you need for a gift.

Beautiful flowers in bouquets-boxes – a gift for your favourite

Each component of a flower box gift has its own unique meaning. Our florists offer a wide variety of pre-made compositions to fit any common occasion. Such gifts will help you show care and affection to the most important people.

Some of them are made from roses (the key component of every blooming box UAE) alone while others have different foliage, hydrangeas and lilies added. To help our customers, each composition was placed in categories like Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Love Occasion. Colorful blooming baskets for Ramadan is the newest addition to the roster!

Benefits of ordering flowers in Bella Fleur

A very convenient-to-use website is not the only feature of Bella Fleur, with various ways of sorting and displaying the assortment. By calling us or visiting one of the Dubai shops, you can make your own boxed flowers composition. Another way to do it is by contacting us via the phone number or email found on the «About Us» page.

Flower box delivery in Dubai

Our goal is not only to make gorgeous boxed flowers but to help you give them at the right moment. It does not matter if you need a delivery next month or next hours the price will be the same. The only variable affecting it is the distance from the closest Dubai store. If a customer needs the order to be changed in any way, Bella Fleur will do it without any additional fees. But please, call the shop in a reasonable time.

Bella Box in UAE

  • Where can I order delivery of a flower box?

    To order delivery, you must choose a flower box first. Then during the payment process, you will be asked about your preferred delivery method, time, and address. Call us if you do not have access to the internet.

  • Can florists make a custom flower box?

    Yes, the florists working with us can do custom designs thanks to their years of experience making blooming boxes. The only limit you have is the flowers in the assortment of the shop.

  • Will the delivery be made on the same day?

    Yes, we can make a delivery the same day the order is made. The time depends on the complexity of the order. We are working with the best Dubai delivery companies to do it in time!