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Flowers for Valentine’s Day

For a human being in love, Valentine’s day flowers are the most important gift of the year. It is a great opportunity to paint affection with the colors of the blossoms by Bella Fleur. Our company knows how to deliver the heart’s content for her or for him using different flowers, foliage, and textile. Order a Valentine’s present today to get a holiday-themed candle.

Our online catalog lets the customers choose the bestValentine’s day flower bouquet or create one. Call us or fill in the website’s form to learn if the gift ideas are possible to build into real plant arrangements.

Bouquet for Valentine’s day

The day of affection, Valentine’s day, is not only for people at the start of their romantic relationships. Even 10, 25, 50 years into the marriage, partners can use this opportunity to create another memory together. And there is nothing more natural to this occasion than purchasing a fresh and fragrant Valentine’s day flower bouquet. A centuries-old tradition gains more popularity each year, and Bella Fleur is thoroughly following the trend.

Each year our florists came up with new and intriguing flower arrangements combining plants and foliage. Any customer can be sure that the meaning of each blossom is taken into consideration when making a bouquet or blooming box. They will convey love, affection, care and passion.

Why buy flowers for Valentine’s day in Bella Fleur?

Under the searing sun of Dubai, getting fresh plants is always a challenge. Bella Fleur gladly accepts it, delivering high-quality blossoms for any couples in need. A huge effort has been put into creating the right climate when storing or shipping our products. Any store or delivery truck has very humid chambers helping plants to maintain their freshness. Other factors making Bella Fleur a great place to buy a bouquet for Valentine’s day:

  • place an order 24/7;
  • same-day-delivery in Dubai;
  • customize existing flower arrangements in any BF shop.

Our supply chain goes as far as European farms to get plants in the best shape possible. The cost is also taken into consideration to provide them with prices close to wholesale.



  • Can I order a custom bouquet of flowers near me?

    Call a store at your vicinity to learn if the florist there can fulfill the order of making a flower bouquet for love occasions.

  • Will the delivery be the same day?

    Bella Fleur offers such services to customers living in Dubai.

  • Where can you make delivery?

    If a customer is in Dubai, Bella Fleur will deliver flowers for him or for her.