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Flowers for the man and for Father's Day

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Bella Fleur is here in Dubai to shatter the assumption that gifting men flowers is strange and inappropriate. From ancient times blossom was a symbol of gratitude, honor, and respect, which definitely should be celebrated by men. An important thing to note, not all the blooms and plants are suited for that. Use the help of Bella Fleur florists to create the bestgift for the husband, dad, or a dear friend. A special category for such presents can be found on the official BF site if a customer wants to place an order online.

Bouquet for men

One of the best compliments to any expensive gift can be a bouquet for men or an infinity flower. The latter is the ever-blooming blossom preserved using the unique Bella Fleur technique. These presents will show gratitude to the dad or grandfather much better than a pair of socks, for sure! Moreover, men flower arrangements can be a great way to brighten an anniversary celebration or a regular birthday.

Some occasions are not suited for the big gift ideas, which can be easily substituted with a blooming box. A promotion at work, a family gathering, and engaging a spouse are among them. Buying a men flower bouquet may be a great way to break the ice when meeting neighbors for the first time too.

Why buy flowers for men in Bella Fleur?

Bella Fleur can offer all the necessary tools for customers to pick and buy a blossom with ease. Our website has 10+ categories for the most popular holidays people are celebrating in the city of Dubai. The navigation was streamlined with the help of the popup menu on the left. Press the 3 horizontal lines at the top left to learn more.

The company knows how it is important to gift a fresh and fragrant flower bouquet for men. It is the sole reason why BF put the most emphasis on storage and transportation. That is what Bella Fleur does:

  • the temperature is near 5 degrees Celsius;
  • humidity is higher than 80%;
  • delivery trucks have coolant chambers.

Get a free candle for ordering a gift for him for the first time from our shop. More special promotions in the future.