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Beautiful Flower Bouquet in Dubai

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If you need a perfect plan for a wedding, a birthday party, or a romantic date, then look no further than a flower bouquet.

It can be a great complement to an existing gift or a token of appreciation itself!

Buy a premade one or share your vision with the florist to make a truly unique bouquet of flowers with Bella Fleur Dubai.

To order a beautiful bouquet of flowers online

There is nothing less convenient thanwalking to a store to buy a flower bunch yourself.

With our online shop, you can order a delivery of beautiful and fresh blooming boxes or individual plants. Moreover, you can do it in advance as well as on the same day to complement any occasion. Choose large or small bouquet flowers to fit it even better, or get the exact count you need.

The best fresh flowers bouquets for your holidays

In addition, you can pick from dozens of blooming boxes, cakes, and holiday-themed compositions, along with a big flower bouquet. We use roses, hydrangeas and many foliage types to make completely different yet similarly beautiful compositions. Call us to learn if our florist can bring your own idea to life.

It is hard to convey the emotion using only one type of bloom. Our florists use additional ones as well as different foliage. We do care about people with allergies or strong dislike of some plants, so you can check the components online. Read the description before ordering a flower bouquet online delivery to ensure it fits the event.

Flowers bouquets for holidays with delivery Dubai

The ways you can order a delivery from Bella Fleur are plenty, including an online form, phone call, or email. Payments are better handled with electronic means, but cash is still an option. Ensure your significant one will receive a fresh and beautiful bouquet of flowers by scheduling the delivery. It will not cost any additional money but let us provide the best result possible.

Why buy bouquets of flowers in our store UAE?

What makes us stand out among the other competitors in UAE is the all-around care for the customers. Right at the doorstep of any of our stores, you will be greeted and asked the occasion you need a plant composition for.

Our digital retail space is also known in Dubai for its convenience of use and regular updates. There you can learn about the assortment and ongoing promotions.

FAQ - Bouquet

  • What kind of events do you have flower bouquets for?

    Our florists are making gifts for Christmas, Ramadan, Mother’s Day, and other holidays.

  • Can I make an individual order for a composition?

    Yes, our primary interest is in individual customers. Work in tandem with Bella Fleur Dubai to create a truly unique gift. Our florists will help you compose the desired arrangement. All our floral bouquets are fresh and beautiful, you will find both small and large premium bouquets at an affordable price with delivery.

  • Can I get my flowers the same day I ordered it?

    Same-day delivery is the most popular option among our customers. But it still depends on the order time, if the shop is near me, and the complexity of the bouquet.

  • I cannot decide what to buy. Can you help?

    Yes, you can contact our employees online or talk to them in person. All the information needed can be found on the «About Us» page.