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Valentine's Day Cake and Flower Combos - Dubai's Sweetheart Selection

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Welcome to our Valentine’s Day special at Bella Fleur, where we offer an exquisite combination of cakes and flowers for delivery in Dubai. Our unique selection is designed to add sweetness and beauty to your celebration of love.
Indulge in our Saffron Milk Cake, paired with a cup of fresh spray roses, or choose the Vanilla Milk Cake with its complement of purple spray roses. Each pairing is a symphony of flavor and elegance, perfect for a romantic gesture.
Our Chocolate Sundae Delights offer a deep expression of love and desire, combining classic chocolate biscuit with coffee cream and adorned with scarlet red roses. For a heartwarming surprise, the Red Velvet Sweet Heart Delights combines a red velvet cake with berries and a heart-shaped flower arrangement.
The Amee Delight brings together a delectable chocolate cylinder cake with a red flower arrangement, while the Venice Delight offers a small heart-shaped red velvet cake alongside a similar floral setup. Each of our offerings is thoughtfully crafted to ensure that your Valentine’s Day in Dubai is filled with love, sweetness, and unforgettable moments.
Choose our Valentine’s Day cake and flower delivery service in Dubai for an elegant and delicious celebration of your affection.